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We are the only Russian-language radio station in the UAE, offering content that not only engages but also enriches the lives of our listeners

Our mission is to unite the Russian-speaking community |


We plan to expand our reach and influence by creating not only radio broadcasting, but also a range of online platforms. Nowadays we are laying the foundation for new directions: podcast platforms, Youtube, Instagram and Telegram channels.

Our goal is to provide our audience not only with audio content, but also with video content, not only with information, but also with emotions. We strive to become a leading force in the world of Russian-language media by integrating various formats and platforms for full interaction with our audience.
Volna announced itself in August 2023 and, despite its youth, it is a team of highly qualified professionals with accumulated experience of working at leading radio stations from 10 to 25 years. The team also has unique knowledge and skills of working at Russian-language radio stations in the United Arab Emirates.

Besides professionals from the radio industry, our team includes talented professionals whose careers have developed on popular television channels and in the entertainment industry, as well as experts from the world of Internet marketing. Thanks to this diversity, we are expanding the boundaries of traditional radio broadcasting by integrating innovative approaches and strategies into our activities.

We are always open to new talents, professionals and just good people who want to contribute to the creation of a large-scale, modern and high-quality media product.

If you are a professional and would like to become a part of the Volna Team, leave your details and we will contact you.


Volna sees its future not just as a radio station, but as a global media platform. Our target audience extends far beyond the Emirates, and we aim to attract the attention of the Russian-speaking community around the world.

We are ready for new challenges and opportunities, opening new horizons and creating content that unites people, ideas and cultures.
Redefining Broadcasting: Volna's Vision for Global Media Future

Our vision

Below are the links to the company's social networks and messengers and we will be glad to see you among our subscribers

Founder & CEO Volna Radio

Alexey Firsov

"I am convinced that if you want to create something really great, it is not enough to be just a professional, it is important to be obsessed and sometimes crazy"


Alexey Firsov
ceo, Just Talk host
instagram @lexfirsov
Anna Firsova
Chief Commercial Officer
instagram @annafsv
Anna Grigoryeva
Just Talk host
instagram @grigoryeva_a
Ekaterina Valyavskaya
Morning Show host
instagram @katieevalley
Polina Bykova
Morning Show host
instagram @pollyvulf
Katie Flotskaya
Live to the Max program host
instagram @katieflotskaya
Alina Gilmanova
For Adults About Children program host
instagram @alinagilmanova
Lyubov Chemodanova
Main News host
instagram @lu_che5
Alexander Litvin
Business News host
vk id173764455
Dmitry Kachin
instagram @man_bee_9000
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