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If you want to attract the 350k Russian-speaking audience to your brand, reach out to us and we will develop a well-considered proposal aimed at achieving your goals


As an official mass media, we represent the interests of the largest Russian-speaking community in the UAE. We hold a radio broadcasting license № 32641, granted on 14.06.2023, affirming our commitment to high-quality broadcasting standards in the Emirates.

Volna is the only Russian-language radio station in the United Arab Emirates


If your goal is to convey to a broad audience that your product surpasses competitors, we're here to help you stand out. Through our radio platform, your message about your product's unique benefits will effectively reach a wide listener base, emphasizing its distinctive features.
If your aim is to build and promote your personal brand, we can assist in making your presence known. Our individual advertising campaigns and special projects will ensure audience attention, strengthen your reputation, and enhance the recognition of your name.
If your main objective is to boost sales among the Russian-speaking audience in the UAE, we will provide targeted advertising strategies aimed at generating interest specifically within this consumer group, helping your product achieve a leading market position.

Showcasing Product Superiority

Focused Sales Efforts

Personal Brand Promotion

You can submit a request and we will contact you and prepare an offer for you aimed at achieving your commercial goals

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Weekly reach 350 000 Targeting 35-45 year olds


Data: by Enterprise Media
from November 2023

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Our campaigns are built on principles of meticulous analysis, individual understanding of your business, and creative innovation. We don't just advertise; we craft unique narratives that reflect your distinctiveness. Our personalized approach allows us to highlight your uniqueness in the vast media landscape. Feel the power of advertising tailored to you, and witness for yourself: successful outcomes are an integral part of our work!
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